Conducting a preliminary socio-behavioral study within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Empow’Her is seeking a consultant, team of consultants, or a firm specialized in socio-behavioral methodology to support them in conducting a preliminary study aimed at assessing the current state of gender equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a particular focus on women's entrepreneurship. 

Below, you will find an overview of Empow’Her and the study, as well as expectations regarding deliverables, methodology, and a provisional schedule for the study. 

If you are interested, please submit your technical and financial offers to the following addresses before 26/04/2024, by precising in the email object

“[Towards Equality] Consultancy_Name of the consultant” 

Presentation of Empow’Her 

Empow’Her is an international feminist organization founded in 2013 dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women. Since its beginning, it has rallied around a common vision: that of a feminist and inclusive entrepreneurship, a source of empowerment for women and a catalyst for societal transformation. Empow’Her operates in 30 countries across Europe and Africa from its headquarters in Paris and its three offices in West Africa (Abidjan, Ouagadougou, and Niamey) with the commitment of its 80 staff members and the support of its 25 technical and financial partners. 

Context ofthe Study 

Considering gender inequalities in Eastern Europe, particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Empow’Her launched the Towards Equality project in January 2024. Developed from the collaboration between Empow’Her and its Bosnian partner, Zene Za Zene International, the project aims to strengthen women and communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to inform new regional strategies and promote gender equality in Eastern Europe. The project relies on 5 objectives : 

  1. i) Establishing a feminist safe space in Sarajevo with awareness actions and events; 
  2. ii) Developing training and support programs for women starting or developing their entrepreneurial projects; 

iii) Formalizing a capacity-building plan for project partners; 

  1. iv) Producing and analyzing data on entrepreneurial and feminist ecosystems in Eastern Europe to generate impactful solutions; 
  2. v) Networking with NGOs from those ecosystems to activate synergies at the European level in favor of gender equality.

To enhance understanding of the social, economic, and cultural determinants of gender discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to design intervention strategies tailored to the target audience, Empow’Her aims to conduct a preliminary socio-behavioral study to analyze the situation of women's entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The socio-behavioral approach aims to adopt a systemic understanding of the specific needs and obstacles faced by women in their entrepreneurial journeys due to their gender, highlighting the norms and representations that shape the ecosystems in which women operate in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Specifically, the study will inform the project's intervention strategy regarding planned activities for raising awareness and supporting women entrepreneurs from urban (Sarajevo) and rural backgrounds. 

In this context, we are looking for a consultant, team of consultants, or a firm specialized in socio-behavioral methodology to conduct this study in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The study will require at least one consultant to be based in Bosnia-Herzegovina to ensure a proper collection of data and conduction of interviews. 

Empow’Her project team is mainly located in Paris, with a project officer based in Sarajevo who will be the main focal point of the consultant(s) for the conduction of the study. 

Expected Services 

The expected deliverable is a socio-behavioral study report conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, presenting the context, target groups, methodology used, as well as conclusions and lessons learned. Special attention will be given to integrating a Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) approach into the proposed methodology. 

The report will also include a mapping of key actors in the entrepreneurial and feminist ecosystems in Bosnia and Herzegovina (incubators, investors, hubs, civil society organizations, monetary and financial institutions, public authorities, etc.), thus identifying relevant stakeholders for the project's future activities. Addressing these ecosystems through a gender lens will be valued. 

It is proposed to: 

  • Provide a study note to precise the study framework if necessary (M+1); Conduct bimonthly meetings to coordinate the study advancement; 
  • Deliver a first draft of the study (M+4), subject to adjustments before the final version is submitted (M+5). 

Profile ofthe consultancy 

The support will be provided by a consultant, team of consultants, or a firm with particular attention to the complementarity of the team and budget coherence. In the case of a team of consultants, the proposal will specify the team leader who will act as the focal point with Empow’Her teams. 

The presence of a consultant based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, preferably in Sarajevo, is essential. 

Desired profile: 

  • Knowledge and application of socio-behavioral methodology; 
  • Proven experience in conducting KAP surveys; 
  • Excellent understanding of the Balkan region and specifically the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina; 
  • Ability to analyze complex data, synthesize information, and formulate relevant recommendations; 
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative research to collect data, conduct interviews, and analyze information to inform recommendations. 

Proposed budget 

Consultants are requested to provide a detailed budget including the following elements and to integrate a breakdown of the number of days worked by the consultant(s), in line with the proposed methodology. The budget should include : 

  • Consultant fees for the duration of the mission; 
  • Expenses for the consultant in case of field missions (transportation, accommodation, meals,…) ; 
  • Other relevant and argued expenses 

Total budget should include VAT if relevant. 

Consultancy selection 

Please submit your technical and financial offers to the following addresses before 26/04/2024, by precising in the email object

“[Towards Equality] Consultancy_Name of the consultant” 

Consultants are asked to provide their application including the methodological elements proposed above and technical details regarding the chosen methodology (milestones, stakeholders, meetings and presentations, methodology and tools for data collection/processing, deliverables and coordination with Empow’Her). Consultants will also provide the breakdown of consultant(s) working days, their respective roles, and specify their collaboration methods for the conduction of the study, if applicable. 

Consultant(s) will be chosen by a selection committee based on the quality of the proposed consultancy (including the methodology, socio-behavioral approach and knowledge of the local context) and the financial proposal. 

Once selected, a kick-off meeting will be organized between the consultant(s), Empow’Her and Zene Za Zene teams to validate the study framework and methodology. 

Follow-up meetings to discuss progress and necessary adjustments will then be organized – the frequency of these sessions will be determined with the project team but are initially planned twice a month. 

Please find below a provisional schedule for the study. 

Provisional schedule 

  • Launch of the call for applications : 8th of April 2024 
  • Deadline for application : 26th of April 2024 
  • Evaluation and consultancy selection : untilthe 24th of May 2024 
  • Contractualisation and launch of the study : beginning of June 2024